As the WNBA turns: Liz Cambage isn’t coming

First, Liz Cambage was going to miss five games for the Shock after the Olympic break. Then word came yesterday that she missed her flight back to the U.S. Today, the Shock announced she won’t return this season at all.

Just for once, I’d love it if someone were made to explain WHY they’re taking the actions they are.

Atlanta Dream:

A fairly scathing piece by ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel on yesterday’s firing of Dream Coach and GM Marynell Meadors:

McCoughtry, er, Williams takes over

So now we know who is really in charge in Atlanta. It isn’t Fred Williams, the new head coach who moved up from his assistant’s job when Meadors got the boot Monday on her birthday. Williams is another longtime coach who has worked at the college, WNBA and NBA levels. He knows the score.

And it isn’t really owners Mary Brock and Kelly Loeffler, either, although in name they are running the show. We are aware now who’s really pulling the strings for the Dream: Angel McCoughtry, the former No. 1 draft pick, current leading scorer in the WNBA, Olympic gold medalist, and malcontent who left her team for a few days and now has what she wants: a new puppet to play with.

Sorry, Coach Williams, but if they fired Meadors after she led the Dream to back-to-back Finals and was with the franchise from the ground up, what do you think they’ll do if McCoughtry turns on you?


Yesterday on my twitter feed, I posed the question, “does this have anything to do with Angel McCoughtry?” Someone, who looks to be her sister Kristina, responded to me, “NO!” and we had a twit-convo. I offered the chance for Angel to tell her side of the story, but her sister said no.

Until Angel McCoughtry decides to speak, she will most likely see more pieces like Voepel’s, and more tweets like that of Geno Auriemma.


  1. The WNBA is crazy right now.

    Tulsa just seems snake bitten.

    Voepel did a good job on her piece on Atlanta. I spent some time on Youtube viewing the press conference with Brock & Loeffler when they bought in during 2011. Seem like pretty sharp ladies. This franchise shouldn't be having this type of problems. Pretty concerning given that they are supposed to be among the best of the WNBA franchise organizations.

  2. If I were a young, 6'8" biracial Australian woman, I too would be wary of spending the summer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a city that proclaims itself the "buckle of the Bible Belt."

    (I'm sorry if this offends any Oklahomans.)

  3. Why did Cambage come last year? She didn't want to, at first. Right now, I can't find Australian coverage beyond this:

    "… Cambage sounded less then enthused by the prospect of living and playing in Tulsa. …"

    I wonder how much pressure agents put on young players to sign as many contracts as possible.

  4. "Tanking" is a serious allegation, yet many two weeks ago were outraged at the Mercury – especially Diana Taurasi for supposedly faking a dental issue. They shut up real quick last week when it was revealed she had her wisdom teeth out.

    Racism is an even more serious allegation. I don't care what you come up with, but I'm not going to ever suppose what's in someone's head. Check out the articles on Cambage that I linked last night. I'm quite sure she's being truthful, that it's all about the money.