Embattled recruit to miss season with torn ACL

Remember Seattle prep star Katie Collier, who battled back from leukemia to post a stellar senior season? She will miss the 2012-2013 season at the University of Washington after tearing her ACL.

Olympics-this-is-beautiful department:

In a historic shift, women take the lead role at the Olympics.


Team USA is in the “win or go home” phase of competition now.

It’s time for the Olympic vets to step up and lead the team.

They are looking to raise their level of play.

Maya Moore has an admirable goal: to be as tough and relentless as teammate Tamika Catchings.

Women’s hoops is catching fire with British fans.


Interview with league President Laurel Richie.


  1. I'll try to avoid being overly negative here about Ms. Richie, but it's tough. Those of us that have worked in the corporate environment are familiar with her approach to business. It's all about feeling good, building the team and any other currently fashionable management theory. Big companies, like the government, are ideal environments for people that are long on theories and short on performance and results. That is all fine and good in that world. It won't work if you are responsible for saving the WNBA.

    She has shown very little leadership or original thought since being handed this position.

    Stern or whoever needs to get over their political correctness and get a serious, real world strategy with an experienced, inspired, credible leader capable of making it happen. Richie isn' it, that's for sure.