1. USC's head basketball Coach Michael Cooper has put together a winning combination of assistant coaches to compliment his talented players. His new coaches have a history of playing and coaching in the NCAA Tournament. After losing two coaches to the University of Hawaii, Coach Cooper has improved his chances of not only wining the PAC 12 Conference but going deep into the NCAA Tournament. Under Coach Cooper’s leadership, the USC Basketball Program has become one of the elite, high profile programs in the nation. Good luck Trojans. The fans can't wait until the season starts.

  2. I dont think you will see Sue in Vegas at the Pac12 Tournament, unless she decides to cover the mens game. You might catch her in Seattle with the womens Pac12, the week before the men play.
    As for the new assistants, welcome to USC.
    Pac12 will have several competitive teams. I just hope they all are healthy, for a change.

    IM in OC

  3. where did evan come from and I don't expect USC to improve unless Cooper stops coaching… But good luck to the women of troy I am pulling for them!

  4. Anonymous, USC has made consistent improvements under Coach Cooper and the future looks really bright. With the addition of Destinie Gibbs, Jordan Adams, Brianna Barrett, ESPN has ranked USC #14 in team recruiting. If the new class of undergraduates did not have confidence in Coach Cooper’s Program, they would have chosen another program to play under. If the current players did not have confidence in Coach, they would have left the team. If he can recruit a center, USC will have a championship caliber team.