Sparks 74, Storm 61

It was an interesting game last night. The Sparks have gone from offensive dominance to defensive prowess. The Storm will continue to struggle without Lauren Jackson.


  1. given the storm's historically bad road record, the fact that 9 of our first 11 games are on the road, and playing like we have the first two games (minus the first qtr. of the first game), the future is not looking too good for the storm.

    the plan was to hang on and play .500 ball until lj returns. but at this rate, we'll be nowhere near .500, which means that the second half of the season, even with a fat 10 home games, we'll be struggling to make the playoffs.

    are the storm headed for the lottery? whatcha think, sue?

    so sorry to hear about sharnee's acl. poor kid finally makes a roster and then this. it sucks!