In the middle of pre-season games


The Lynx just squeaked out an 87-85 win over the Sun.

Washington and Chicago are currently knotted up in the third quarter.

I’m leaving shortly for the Japan National Team-Sparks game. Follow me on

Rebecca Lobo, Jennifer Rizzotti and Kara Wolters will do commentary for the Sun.

Camille Little is ready to produce for the Storm.

NCAA news:

Ivy League officials have decided against post-season tournaments.

Guard Centresse McGee has left Illinois for DePaul.

Other news:

The trial for the alleged killer of former Middle Tennessee State guard Tina Stewart is set to start. Some of the Lady Raiders will have to testify. The incident sparks bad memories for them.

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  1. If you want to do something useful put together a piece about the three lesbian college / pro level ballers that were murdered by their current or ex lovers during the past two years.

    There's a story for you. Let's see how brave you are.

  2. Because it is an important story that no traditional media sources have reported on.

    It should be important to all serious advocates of WBB. I'm afraid the unfortunate truth may be that because all of the women involved were black and lesbian it isn't politically correct to report on it as a trend instead of reporting on three isolated events.

    It is a disturbing trend in women's sports that very little reporting is being done on any trends that appear that they would reflect negatively on women's sport generally.