Chamique Holdsclaw and Jacki Gemelos update

Chamique Holdsclaw is not currently in WNBA training camp. The veteran forward was contemplating a return to the league after taking last year off due to injury. Her agent, Stephanie Stanley, said “As of now, she’s not playing in the league but I think if the right opportunity arises, she would return.”

Holdsclaw continues her work speaking about depression and advocating mental health. She is also promoting her biography, released in March, “Breaking Through: Beating the Odds Shot After Shot.”

USC graduate Jacki Gemelos was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx April 16, in the third round. The embattled guard has torn ACLs in both knees over the last six years. Lynx spokesman Alex King said the franchise is keeping the rights to Gemelos and expects her at training camp in 2013. Gemelos said the Lynx has encouraged her in her rehabilitation. She is currently doing sponsor photo shoots, and has started a new website, She will keep fans updated as to her progress in her blog.


  1. Someone needs to explain to me why a WNBA team would draft Gemelos given her injury history and the obvious oversupply of ballers looking for WNBA roster spots.

  2. I'll break it down for you:

    Gemelos was once the best player in the nation. Despite her injuries, any coach couldn't help but wonder the "could have"s if she hadn't torn her knees up.

    There are still many unknowns with ACLs, and it's not a gimmie that those who get them are injury-prone. Some think athletes aren't properly trained, and I believe that's true in certain places.

    Minnesota still has their championship team intact, and they had several high draft picks. Once they got everything else they wanted, what did they have to lose by drafting Gemelos and giving her a chance next year? If she ultimately doesn't make it, she'll have had the chance. I'm grateful to the Lynx for that. And unlike yourself, I believe Gemelos can still do it.