Can’t stop, won’t stop: more coaching news

Didn’t I tell you there would be a heck of a lot of coaching changes this year? There are now more.

Danielle O’Banion takes over at Kent State.

Kerry Cremeans is Denver’s new coach.

None other than Tyler Summitt is a new assistant at Marquette.


Scroll down to the “Busy schedule continues…” entry to see who’s coming to the Mater Dei MTW Tournament this weekend.


  1. I see Summit's son confirmed that she "quit" playing UConn. Nice to get it from someone in the know.

    This Tyler kid, who was given a walk on slot in the Tennessee men's program solely due to his mother's position is totally unqualified for whatever position he walks into at this point in his life and professional experience.

    That said he should be totally comfy with the environment in which women's college roundball operates.

  2. Everyone knows Pat Summitt called off the series with UConn in 2007. What further questions did you have?

    You don't know how qualified Tyler Summitt is. Growing up around a legend for a mother, and living with the teams she coached, qualifies for a lot. Suggesting that the Marquette Athletic Department is stupid is also highly insulting to them.

    You don't know Tyler Summitt and you don't know what he is and isn't comfortable with, so stop the conjecture.

  3. My best wishes to all involved (hey, "vol" is in the middle of that word!) Pat, Tyler, Holly, and all the student-athletes.

    I'm particularly happy to learn that Tyler Summitt is going to have a life. He has had a lifelong apprenticeship in women's basketball.

  4. If you are going to ask me what further questions I have and then not post my further questions don't you think that is a bit disingenuous?