Pat Summitt now coach emeritus; Holly Warlick is the new Lady Vols coach

After 38 seasons, legend Pat Summitt will step aside and be a coach emeritus, due to her early-onset dementia diagnosis last year. Associate Head Coach Holly Warlick, who has been with the program 32 years and was acting head coach this past season, will be the new head coach.

I wonder if I’m the only Pat Summitt/Lady Vol who wondered why some were thinking her replacement would be anyone else but Warlick.

Washington Post story.

It is a sobering day.


  1. Summitt continues to coach.

    According to the article, Pats son Tyler took an assistants job at Marquette coaching the WBB team.
    He graduates this spring from UT, in just 3 years.

    Best wishes to Pat, and Tyler.

    IM in OC

  2. A year ago we were in denial, it cant be Pat, she is so strong, she is a leader, she has been there as long as there has been women's hoops. Now we have come to accept her condition and only want the best for her.
    The visual image portrayed in many games seen on TV, especially ESPN, often showed the blank stare, no fire, no screaming that we have seen for years. I know there was some of the old Pat that showed up this past year. I wish we saw more of it.

    I wish there could be a miracle cure for her, and all those afflicted with Alhzeimers.

    I am glad we went to the UT v UCLA game.

    IM in OC

  3. I wish for that miracle cure too, IM.

    I wouldn't have missed Tennessee coming here for the world. What I'm glad of is that I followed her all over the court that day taking pictures (which can be seen in my previously-published photobucket album). I was also able to speak with her again, which meant so much to me. Her smile is a beautiful one.