Baylor put on probation

The NCAA put Baylor on probation for three years for recruiting violations that dated back to 2008. The University imposed its own penalties, which the NCAA accepted.

Full report.

Is this punishment enough for the infractions?


  1. I don't think so. The length of time over which they happened and the sheer number of violations deserves more sanctions. Self-reporting is an odd notion in my opinion. Kind of like a hit-and-run drunk driver who ran down 2 bicyclists and turned himself in the next day telling the cops, the DA and the judge that he is elf-imposing a penalty on himself. 30 days on home detenjtion to be monitored with an ankle bracelet.

  2. The punishment is NOT enough. It's ridiculous. Mulkey cozies up to BG's dad, drives them to a restaurant (no telling who paid), consulted with them on camps, made sure her daughter roomed with BG at the Baylor camp? And made sure her daughter attended the same AAU team that was a couple hundred miles away?

  3. No Way were the penalties are fair.

    In the introduction section of the 40 page NCAA report, that you linked in your blog, it states:"This was the institution's sixth major infractions case, the institution having appeared before the committee most recently in 2005 for a case involving the men's basketball and football programs. As a result of its 2005 case, the institution is considered a "repeat violator" under NCAA Bylaw"

    Is this how repeat violators are handled?

    I also want to know why it took so long to make a ruling. Also in the introduction it said: "Information about potential violations in this case first came to light during an October 26, 2008, interview conducted by the enforcement staff with then prospective student-athlete ("prospect 1") and the prospect's father."
    Why did it take 3.5 years to rule on this matter.

    I have said this in the past the NCAA, rules committee, selection committee, seeding, etc, are nothing but a fraud organization.

    IM in OC

  4. Disclosure: I'm a longtime, fervent fan of Kim Mulkey and her team.

    That said, I've been closely following the NCAA/Baylor situation all week. Jason King's story, based on a leaked summary of the report, really had me concerned. But as more information was released, the less worried I felt about Kim's program and her behavior with recruits.

    The impermissible communications via text/phone/e-mail were very, very few. New software, new compliance people have fixed that.

    As for Kim's taking advantage of her role as a mother in recruiting Brittney Griner, yes, she did push the envelope. But her talking with a parent in public and giving a ride to parents and recruits doesn't rate such a fuss.

    I've read that Mark Emmert, the new NCAA head, wants to simplify and rationalize recruiting rules. Go to it!