Mercedes Russell narrows down her school choices

Top class of 2013 recruit Mercedes Russell has narrowed down her college choices. The number of schools that remain on her list indicates how many offers she has already had…

Mercedes said she had decided that she will play basketball at Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Georgia, USC, Duke, North Carolina, LSU or Baylor, the 2012 national champion.


  1. If I had to place a bet on which school she would attend, I will bet on USC. One reason is because of the weather. L.A.’s weather is similar to Oregon’s weather but minus the winters. Not too many ball players will travel from the west coast and cross country to and deal with hard winters and blistering summertime heat. I am sure that her family would love to watch her play in person at the D1 level. If she were to attend USC, her family could see her often without too much of a traveling hardship. Coach Michael Cooper has turned around the USC Program. For the first time in the school’s history, two women players were drafted by the WNBA. He was one player short of making it to the NCAA Tournament and despite injuries to key players, Coach Cooper ‘s team finished one game out of second place. Now that he is recruiting his own players, the future is looking bright for his Program.

  2. Though I'd LOVE to watch Mercedes play on a regular basis, I hope she picks a school in a big conference. Mercedes is a big-time player who needs to be playing in big-time leagues before huge crowds. Los Angeles doesn't produce large crowds for women's basketball. Plus, USC is extremely unstable right now with all the coaching changes. I'm praying Mercedes goes elsewhere.

  3. Some guy on a wnba blog stated the other day that she's narrowed her choices to Louisville and North Carolina! However, I have not seen any information to that effect. If she wisely chooses to leave the West Coast, hopefully she makes the right choice for herself and her future team.