WNIT semifinals decided

Yesterday Syracuse beat defending champs Toledo 74-73 in overtime.

Today there were three other quarterfinals:

San Diego defeated Washington.

Oklahoma State overcame Colorado.

JMU bested Virginia.

So Wednesday, it’ll be Syracuse vs. JMU and Oklahoma State vs. San Diego.


Today’s quarterfinal recaps.


  1. UW played three home games in the WNIT and averaged 990(809, 1022, and 1140) in attendance. UW averaged 2000+ per game for the regular season. Any idea, from our Pacific NW readers, why attendance was down more than 50%?
    I hope there is a lot more interest in next years Pac12 tournament. I thought the move out of Galen was the right move, but the Bay area or Vegas might have been better destinations.
    By the way, today, Okla St had 2,392 for their home game vs USD. James Madison had 3,300 for their game vs Virginia, and yesterdays Syracuse at Toledo game had 4,013.

    IM in OC