Let’s get ready to rumble…..second round

Just finished off the night with that insane Kentucky-Green Bay game. And I’m supposed to be getting ready for bed.

#2 Kentucky 65, #7 Green Bay 62. The Wildcats had 34 turnovers (!!)

Tonight’s Tournament upsets:

#11 Gonzaga 65, #3 Miami 54.

#5 South Carolina 72, #4 Purdue 61.

Narrowly avoiding upsets:

#2 Maryland 72, #7 Louisville 68.

#3 Texas A&M 61, #6 Arkansas 59.


#1 Stanford 72, #8 West Virginia 55.

#2 Tennessee 63, #7 DePaul 48.

Not even close:

#1 Connecticut 72, #8 Kansas State 26. The Wildcats’ point total is the lowest in Tournament history.

Tomorrow’s games.

More coaching items:

The entire transcript from Gail Goestenkors’ press conference today, announcing she’s resigning her position at Texas. She says she’ll stay in Austin and be a fan of the Longhorn team.

UMKC Coach Candace Whitaker will leave her position there to be an assistant at Oklahoma State.


  1. Watched Maryland / Louisville yesterday and was totally unimpressed with Maryland's approach to the game. Tons of high elbows and other general cheap shots.

    They may have won but did not come off looking very classy. Will be cheering for their opponents going forward. GS