First round, second day


#9 Florida 70, #8 Ohio State 65.

#13 Marist 76, #4 Georgia 70.

#11 Kansas 57, #6 Nebraska 49.


#5 Georgetown 61, #12 Fresno State 56.

#5 St. Bonaventure 72, #12 Florida Gulf Coast 65 (OT). (I knew that would be a great game)

#3 St. John’s 69, #14 Creighton 67.

#5 LSU 64, #12 SDSU 56.

Comfortable wins:

#8 Cal 84, #9 Iowa 74.

#7 Vanderbilt 60, #10 Middle Tennessee 46.

#4 Penn State 85, #13 UTEP 77.


#1 Notre Dame 74, #16 Liberty 43.

#1 Baylor 81, #16 UCSB 40.

#4 Georgia Tech 76, #13 Sacred Heart 50.

#3 Delaware 73, #14 Arkansas 42.

#6 Oklahoma 88, #11 Michigan 67.

#2 Duke 82, #15 Samford 47.

WNIT update:

Winners today include Washington, San Diego, Texas Tech, Villanova, Oklahoma State, VCU and JMU.


  1. With all the belly-aching that Ohio State had with their seed, once again they fizzle out in the early rounds and prove the seeding correct. I believe the committee looked at past tourney results and had no confidence in seeding them higher. The coach needs to change his strategy in the post season.

  2. Delle Donne looked confident, strong and smooth. Not impressed with ESPN commentators relative to Delaware's chances.

    Even in their win the refs were letting Ark knock her around.

    Looking forward to the next games. GS

  3. I have to disagree with Nat. I think the coach from Ohio State put a defeatest attitude into his team, with the seeding argument, and they played that way. They started off poor and had to play catchup all game. It was almost as if the team felt even if we do win, we have no chance vs Baylor.

    I have no faith in the NCAA committee doing anything right, let alone looking back at past tournaments. Texas and Michigan never should have made the tournament yet they keep rewarding those conference and teams. The Big 12 went 2 and 5 in the first round. They deserved 4 or 5 teams, not 7. This is the second year in a row that they have taken a borderline team in Texas and both years nothing to show for it. Also, how does the committee make Gonzaga an 11 seed? After beating UCLA and Louisville last year and playing tough vs Stanford, why werent they given a better seed? They were in the last top 25 RPI at the end of the season. Because the Zags lost in the championship game of the WCC to BYU, they drop from an approx. 6 seed to an 11?
    Of all the bubble teams that got in, IMO, only two survived, Florida, who I think benefitted from the Ohio St situation and Kansas, who found a way to beat Nebraska. I give Kansaas credit because since their best player, C. Davis, was injured they have lost a lot of games. All of the other bubbles lost and nearly all lost by double digit #'s.

    I grew up a big Notre Dame fan, and I am a USC fan now but I am rooting for Cal and Stanford.

    IM in OC