California state playoff brackets are out

Ah, brackets.

I can stare at them for hours.

Girls are pages 6-10. Action begins Wednesday.


  1. Something needs to be done to split the private schools into a separate playoff bracket from the public schools. As Eric Sondheimer wrote in the LA Times a couple of weeks ago, private schools unfairly dominate Division IV, which is clearly demonstrated in the state Div. IV playoff bracket. Out of the 15 teams, 12 are private schools. Elizabeth LC is a LA charter school, while Lindsay and Parlier are Central Section public schools. The smaller public schools, especially in the Southern Section, have virtually no chance in the sectional playoffs, much less making to the state playoffs.

  2. If there's anything that illustrates the inequity of private versus public schools, it's the first round results of the Girls CIF State Division IV playoffs. As I mentioned in an earlier post, out of fifteen teams in the Southern regional, only four were public schools: Elizabeth Learning Center, and three Central Section schools, Parlier, Lindsay, and Sierra (I had mistakenly assumed that Sierra was a private school, but it's a public one). All four public schools got blown out: Serra beat Parlier 73-20, Campbell Hall beat Elizabeth Learning Center 71-39, St. Bernard beat Lindsay 103-39, and Winward beat Sierra 98-21. There is no way teams making it into the state playoffs should be getting blown out by 30, 50, and even 70+ points.