First day of March! And madness is on the way

Big East regular season awards:

All-BIG EAST First Team

Bria Hartley, Connecticut, So., G
Tiffany Hayes, Connecticut, Sr., G
*Anna Martin, DePaul, Jr., G
Sugar Rodgers, Georgetown, Jr., G
Shoni Schimmel, Louisville, So., G
*Skylar Diggins, Notre Dame, Jr., G
Natalie Novosel, Notre Dame, Sr., G
Devereaux Peters, Notre Dame, Gr., F
Khadijah Rushdan, Rutgers, R-Sr., G
Shenneika Smith, St. John’s, Jr., G
Asya Bussie, West Virginia, Jr., C


Maryland’s Alyssa Thomas and Duke’s Joanne P. McCallie were named player and coach of the year, respectively.

Marissa Kastanek of North Carolina State is the conference scholar athlete of the year.

North Carolina point guard She’la White does the heavy lifting.


The Battle of the Bay is this Sunday at Cal. As you may remember, the last time Stanford and Cal matched up Jan. 28, the Bears almost beat the Cardinal. The game is getting play on the San Francisco Chronicle sports page.

“In the Paint” picks their conference all-star teams.


Dishin & Swishin features Brittney Griner, Nnemkadi Ogwumike, A’dia Mathies, Chelsea Gray and Julie Wotja. Wow!

Pat Summitt:

She leaves a legacy that may never be matched. That’s a serious understatement.


The USBWA’s coaches of the year watch list.

ESPN’s Graham Hays’ mid-major top ten list. He’s off on Gonzaga; they’re not strong this year.


The Fever traded Tangela Smith to San Antonio for Roneeka Hodges.

The Dream signed Ketia Swanier.


  1. Shoni Schimmel is a true baller for the Cardinals. Her little sister Jude is a Freshman on the team and also a real talent. Louisville will have a great team for the next several years. Tough conference tho.

    The story on how the Schimmel's grew up on a reservation in Washington State and were still able to land major college scholarships is really cool. Those of us that grew up in the West around indian reservations understand the challenges these folks face. If you google Shoni you'll see there was a film made about their story that is really good. GS

  2. I need to read "Counting Coup". I grew up in Bozeman, MT and after college spent time working on both the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations. Had a chance to get involved with a lot of reservation activities through the tribal courts, FBI and Crow Fair. It is truly a different world. Even Montana natives don't understand it unless they have actually spent time on the Rez. At a basic level it remains a very clan oriented world.

    As a high school basketball players we were all aware of the advanced skills of some of the Indian ballers from Hardin, Crow Agency, Busby and Lame Deer, but few of them ever made to Montana State or even the numerous MT JCs and were able to stick with it. They all seemed too culturally tied to their tribes and clans and invariably gravitated back to the Rez.

    I guess that is why I was impressed with the Schimmel story. They were clearly able to overcome that issue. As you have probably seen from their video, they are mixed race (Indian mother / white father). I have no idea if that may have impacted their direction or not, but it was exceedingly rare back in the day to see mixed race marriages manifest themselves in a manner that has been as positive as the Shimmels. So it seems it's all good from a directional perspective.


  3. With that said, you should most def read "Counting Coup." The narrator does a great job of being and outsider and explaining the nuances to which you refer. Yet, he's obviously gained the confidence of the book subjects for all the info we read about them.

    I'm plugging along slowly.