USA Today/ESPN poll says…….

Georgia Tech and North Carolina are back in this week’s poll, and there’s a three-way tie for ninth place. Gonzaga and Nebraska take big jumps:

1. Baylor
2. Notre Dame
3. Connecticut
4. Stanford
5. Duke
6. Kentucky
7. Maryland
8. Miami
9. (tie) Ohio State, Tennessee, Wisconsin-Green Bay
12. Rutgers
13. Texas A&M
14. Louisville
15. Georgia
16. Delaware
17. Purdue
18. Georgetown
19. Penn State
20. Gonzaga
21. Nebraska
22. DePaul
23. Texas Tech
24. Georgia Tech
25. North Carolina


  1. I don't know about you Sue but I sure do LOVE seeing a school such as Wisconsin Green Bay up so high in the polls! It's nice to see some very small/mid major schools up there with the likes of Tennessee, Rutgers, Ohio State, etc. Very refreshing.

  2. I also think it's great seeing Delaware, Wisconsin GB and even the Zags making some noise.

    What I found sadly absent is the lack of Pac12 schools, except Stanford. I thought at least UCLA and SC would make some noise nationally this year. Both teams have a lot of talent but have taken some knocks this season. UCLA has as many injured players as they do suited up. And 2 are starters. SC has also taken some hits with injury. It seemed like the Pac12 (10) made far more noise last year.

  3. Fully agreed: expected more from the Pac-12, and it makes me sad.

    And of course now all the arrogant folks out there who like to say the West Coast isn't anything will jump on this one.

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