You know it’s the heart of the season when……

Big NCAA games tonight:

You knew that #5 Maryland loss was coming, and #11 Miami pulled off the upset, handing the Terps their first defeat.

Clemson upset #21 North Carolina, ruining Tar Heels Coach Sylvia Hatchell’s chance at a 600th win.

#8 Kentucky overcame #7 Tennessee by one point.

LSU came from behind to beat South Carolina by ten. Wonder why this write-up doesn’t mention Gamecock Coach Dawn Staley being ejected from the contest.

College news:

ESPN’s “hoops across America” series checks in on Old Dominion.

Pro items:

The Shock and Mercury exchanged point guards: Andrea Riley and Temeka Johnson. That trade makes absolutely no sense to me.

Dishin & Swishin talks to Gary Kloppenburg and Carol Ross about their new coaching gigs with the Shock and Sparks, respectively.

Right now I’m tracking all four Pac-12 games, so I gotta go……………

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  1. I love watching these games! The parity in women's basketball is really showing up this season. It makes for exciting games and unexpected results! I think undefeated teams are a thing of the past. I predict seeding for the NCAA tourney is really going to be difficult and controversial this year!

  2. That's also struck me too, Nat – the parity. Anyone can win and anyone can be a standout player. I have NO idea who will win the championship this year, and it's pretty exciting!