Part two of the college season is set to kick off

Helen has a great list of links previewing each NCAA conference, as play begins this week.

The Eugene Register-Guard has its usual well-thought-out Pac-12 team previews. Here are their predictions for the season:

1. Stanford
2. Cal
3. USC
4. Arizona State
6. Utah
7. Washington State
8. Oregon
9. Arizona
10. Oregon State
11. Washington
12. Colorado

Stories about people:

Elena Delle Donne is back to superstar form for Delaware.

Louisville’s Becky Burke is more than “big shot Becky.”

Tennessee assistant coach Mickie DeMoss broke her arm and sprained a finger on the Vols’ recent road trip to California.

Business news:

More women are moving into college athletic departments.

Seventy-five colleges are objecting to a multi-year scholarship plan.


  1. The fact that schools are protesting the multi-year scholarship provisions is bunk! You always have the right to terminate for cause (e.g. academic performance, breaking the law, etc.) That should be enough…

    There is no reason to object to this proposal unless you want an out when a kid doesn't perform the way you'd hoped. That is crap! If there are no academic issues, no character issues and a kid wants to stay and get a degree; no school should be able to revoke aid during a 4-year period. Remember they are "student-athletes." Nobody has a crystal ball, that's why coaches are paid to recruit. Why should student athletes pay because someone's recruiting eye was wrong, or they have the misfortune of being injured, etc. Crap, crap, crap!!!

    The fact of the matter is, there are very few top tier universities that would even attempt this behavior. For the most part, it is mid-majors who do this crap, and it shouldn't be allowed to continue!