Should Tennessee commit to Holly Warlick, too?

One website says Tennessee should name longtime associate coach Holly Warlick the “coach in waiting,” for when Pat Summitt eventually retires:

UT should name associate head coach Holly Warlick as its coach in waiting, making it clear that whenever Summitt steps down, her former point guard and longtime assistant would step up.

It’s clear that Warlick, who has been with the program 35 years as both player and coach, will be the heir to the throne. But should Tennessee take this step? What do you all think?

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  1. I think Holly would be uncomfortable about this. Pat will stay as long as she wants, and after she retires, the process to find a new coach should begin. Anything before that time is premature and a distraction. There are lots of former Lady Vols who could be the new coach.

  2. Name her now? No. Does she deserve it when Pat does step down? Yes! Only Pat Summitt herself has done more for the Lady Volscian than Holly! She has earned and deserves the spot of Head Coach, but only after Pat says Pat is done. Pat will choose who she wants and Holly is who she will choose!