Buffalo high school team suspended for repeatedly using racial slurs

Unbelievable: the entire Kenmore East High School basketball team has been suspended due to their repeated use of the N-word in practices and before games. The lone black member of the team had been upset by the practice and was suspended after hitting a teammate who had called her “a black piece of s#$@.”

Should their season be canceled? What do you think?


  1. A good determined coach can control this. Players can be disciplined on the practice court and playing time can be limited in games.

  2. From the article — "The practice came to light when Tyra was suspended for getting into a fight about the use of racial slurs during practice, according to the newspaper.

    She said that she was alarmed by the cheer, but had been outnumbered and told that the use of the slur was just a team tradition."

    The use of the slur was a tradition??? WTF is that about?

    If the coaches knew about this and allowed it, as a "tradition", give them their walking papers.

    IM in OC

  3. Yeah, I am not sold on the "coach didn't know" thing either. A few years ago, the softball team at my daughter's high school went on a roll all the way to the state championship game before losing. Their chant, while not racial, was "FSU" and it did not stand for Florida State University. Not only did the coaches put their hands in the pile for the chant, some of the parents even wore t-shirts with "FSU" in large letters. They never said the actual words, but it still rang as inappropriate to me and any number of people — including any fan who stopped to figure it out — knew they were doing it.

  4. Anonymous, just in case you're not simply posting that comment to purposefully be irritating, I'll break it down for you.

    A bunch of white girls chanting the N-word can't be compared to blacks using the N-word. Whites used the term for centuries to oppress and enslave an entire race. White people have no business, at any time, using the N-word.

    So do you support them calling their teammate a "black piece of shit" too?