Today, yesterday

Today it’s #1 Baylor at #6 Tennessee.

Last night it was Cal State Northridge over West Virginia – the Matadors’ first win over a Big East opponent in team history. Box score.

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  1. that baylor at ut game was a cracker jack one. another streak bites the dust. 🙂

    nikki caldwell has lsu looking pretty good, better defense than offense at this point,but they're learning a new system, so you've gotta give them some time. plus, the upperclassmen didn't see a lot of time the last year or two, so its not like they have any real experienced players. the lady tigers dropped a close one on the road at osu and they did great on the offensive boards. i still am not a prahalis fan. 🙂

    nikki's got a good baby bump going on. 🙂 plus, i like steph white doing color; se knows what the hell she's talking about. makes a nice change. 🙂


  2. I really did not expect Tenn to win today. I thought it was a good game to watch though. I wish Tenn would have subbed more in the 2nd half. The team got tired and could have kept the tempo up with Manning and Simmons.

  3. Scully… and I have COMPLETELY different viewpoints on things sometimes. But I love ya anyway.

    Nat, I thought the LV's repped themselves well today. They did look a little tired in the second, though.