Katie Collier continues leukemia fight

Bless the heart of young basketball player Katie Collier, but she is continuing her fight against leukemia with chemotherapy treatment.

It was less than three months ago that I watched her and her Seattle-based Tree of Hope team play in a tournament at Mater Dei High School. I found myself talking to her on the sidelines before I knew who she was. I had seen her team jersey and asked how the weather had been in Seattle. When Collier stepped on to the court, I was so impressed by her play.

She is in my prayers.


  1. thanks for posting the story about katie. what a brave young woman. how ironic that she would be in the same room as her mother. it's promising to hear of the 95% success rate at completion of treatment. here's hoping katie's able to get her body back in shape and get back on the court. go, katie!!

  2. i'd love to see her at the dub. what an inspiration she is/would be for her teammates and fans. plus, her family would have easy access to watch her play. šŸ™‚