Jordan Adams: “I didn’t have the best high school experience”

Top-ranked Mater Dei High School point guard Jordan Adams is about to make her decision from five schools: UCLA, USC, Washington, Maryland and Tennessee. But what does this quote mean?…….

“I didn’t have the best high school experience,” Adams said of her first three years at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif. “So I don’t want to have the same thing in college for four years. Two national championships and I have all this and all that. We won. That’s it.”

Two national championships is a heck of a lot. So what’s up?


  1. Seems to me that she means they won, but the experience wasn't very fun. Sounds like there is a real lack of team chemistry/ cohesiveness to me, which would be consistent with the scutlebutt on Mater Dei the last few years.

    Right or wrong, kids want to have fun with their teammates and coaches, for them to be their friends. Sounds like there is not a whole lot of fun going with the winning at Mater Dei. But who am I? Just speculating…