U! S! A!

Info about the World University Games team is hard to come by right now……no stories on the usabasketball.com site, and the players are twitter-less in the depths of China. But this picture shows them warming up yesterday for a scrimmage against Brazil. The US will play Brazil for real in three days. Go USA!

Recruiting bonus:

ESPN’s Mark Lewis has an in-depth analysis of college decommitments, which are becoming a big issue of late.

The New York Times found that Facebook is the college coach’s best new recruiting tool.

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  1. I like Mark's premise, but it's a bit one-sided. What about coaches and even schools (when they make the decision to cancel athletic programs) reneging on kids? If there are going to be consequences, they have to work both ways.

    Mark touched on the other side with is remark about doing away with one-year commitments, etc. But, I think that side warrants further exploration. This issue is larger than kids not understanding the importance of their ultimate decision/commitment. Given the number and frequency of coaching changes, and even the trend of encouraging kids to de-commit at Duke and other lesser known places, I think it's fair to say that the adults have lost sight of the importance of the commitment as well…