Jennifer Gillom replaced by Joe Bryant

I got this news via an email on my phone about a half hour ago. “Shocked” isn’t the word.

So does this mean Jennifer Gillom isn’t even an assistant coach? It doesn’t sound like it from the press release. And how will the team’s direction go differently now?

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  1. That is INSANE! I realize things have gotten bad since Candace went down. But come on, she had them firing on all cylinders when they were healthy. Doesn't this type of knee jerk reaction make it difficult to attract top coaching talent in the future?? You're way more up on the WNBA than me, perhaps you can give me some perspective. Thanks in advance!

  2. I do believe this is why most coaches wouldn't consider coaching in the WNBA. Anne Donovan left the league last year to go to Seton Hall – much more pay, and job security.

    I'm hearing from many quarters tonight that it seems like a knee-jerk reaction. I'm guessing that the patience of Sparks management is thin given the horrible seasons of 2009 and 2010. But still. As you said, they were doing fine before Parker got injured.

    Part of the problem in this case is also the location of this team. Los Angeles fans are the most spoiled, arrogant, band-wagon jumping, fair-weather fans I've ever seen in my life. They "expect" championships but don't expect to have to earn them.

    We will see what happens next to the Sparks.

    And by the way, I hope no one blames the lineup change in Friday's game for Gillom's firing. Kristi Toliver should have replaced Ticha Penechiero a looooong time ago. And though I hate to say it, Lavender is younger and faster than Thompson.

  3. I for one have no problem with the the firing and really think that from a business point of view it had to happen.

    I love Jennifer and find her to be one of the classiest people I have ever met and she is always cordial and gracious. Having said that, I did not always agree with her coaching decisions and, more often then not, wondered what she was thinking.

    Yes we were winning with Candace, if you don't count that fiasco in Minnesota. But we were winning at home. If you look at our road record this season, and add in last season ~ we have sucked on the road. It's great to protect your home court, but winning on the road is just as important.

    Fortunatley I am not one of those spoiled, arrogant, etc fans, I know they are out there. I have stuck by this team through thick and thin for 15 years and will continue to do so. Having said that, I do think this was a smart business move if the Sparks management wants to try and salvage this season.

    I think Kristi should be in the starting line up, but I would have replaced Quinn and left Ticha at the starting PG. Quinn is struggling and not adding much offensively this season. I don't know if I would have started Jantel over Tina, but she definitely should be getting increased minutes.

  4. I disagree with your assessment that it's spoiled, arrogant, etc. fans who contributed to the decision. At the end of the day, the management makes the decisions. Maybe the management and owners are the spoiled, arrogant ones. They're the ones chasing the title.

    As a native Angeleno, I can say that local WNBA fans just want to have some fun. Watching these games is not fun. And coaching, or lack thereof, is a reason, even when Parker was healthy.

    Gillom is a lovely lady but has never proven herself to be a talented coach.