Sparks outlast Minnesota, 82-74

My game feed is here.

One thing I forgot to include is regarding the Sparks new video that they play prior to team introductions. It features the starters all messing with a WNBA ball that’s lit up by special effects. It’s cool-looking. Of course they save Candace Parker’s cameo for last, and she got the most applause from the crowd of over 13,000.

More tomorrow, including some ridiculously cute pictures of Lauren Lockwood and Lailaa Williams.


  1. On the court a pretty entertaining game tonight. Candace looked ready to play, and Maya has never heard of rookie jitters. Really like O'Hea and Lacy. Minnesota has a lot of potential, but so does LA.

    Off the court, loved the video lead in. Not fond of the new announcer, really couldn't understand him very well. Shocked at how big Lailaa and Lauren are. Also little Michael is gonna be a big boy and looks a lot like big sister.