UCLA students reject Pauley Pavilion new seating plan

UCLA students overwhelmingly rejected the administration’s plan to move the student section behind one basket when Pauley Pavilion re-opens next year. Only eight percent supported the plan, while 69 percent opposed it, and 23 percent had no preference. PP is being extensively renovated.


The Seattle Storm’s games will be broadcast on a new radio station this season, with a stronger signal.

Sheryl Swoopes, whose last WNBA stint was with the Storm, is amped up and ready to go for the Shock.


Nice interview with Doris Burke of ESPN. Most interesting statement:

Was it good for women’s basketball to have someone besides UConn and Tennessee win the NCAA title?

It hurt the credibility of the sport to have those two dominating as much as they did. So the fact that Texas A&M and Notre Dame crashed the party and inevitably played for the national championship between them was extraordinary. It was an awful lot of fun.

True, true.

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  1. its not like ucla pulls in so many paying customers that they have to push the student section to the under the basket area. i agree with the students, let them stay where they can see the game.

    for inspiration look at duke, they have lots and lots of paying fans, yet their students get prime seats. now, when the bruins get that many paying fans, maybe they can re-evaluate, but til then…