April winds down


Katie Smith rejoins Brian Agler.

The guru is wide awake in Seattle for Smith-Agler reunion II.

The Tulsa Shock released this list of players earlier today who were invited to training camp. But check out the top right corner – the Shock tweeted it too: UCLA’s Darxia Morris is also one of the invitees.

Domineque Shorb is still trying to realize her WNBA dream.


No longer the interim head coach, Greg McCall (Erica McCall and DeWanna Bonner’s dad) is Cal State Bakersfield’s head coach. Congrats, Greg – very happy for you.

Hall of Fame coach Theresa Grentz took the discussion to a whole ‘other level at a coaching symposium last night.


  1. "I still feel I have a lot to offer," Smith said. "And it will be fun to share the load and have very capable basketball players. And coaches that know what they are doing, where defense is a staple."

    ooh, is that a commentary on the coaching history of trudi lacy?

    anyway, i love that we're going to get katie wearing the green. i think we gave up virtually nothing; jury is still out on jacinta, though. she had health issues basically all last year, so let see what she can do when she's healthy. my concern is that she doesn't carry a lot of weight and that is deadly in such a physical league. time will tell.

    welcome aboard, katie!!!

    btw, did you see that darxia campbell got an invite to tulsa based on her try-outs?


  2. oopsie, i meant darxia morris and now i see that you posted about it. d'oh! i blame it on being out of commission with one health issue or another for the last month. sorry, sass. should've known you'd be all over that story.


  3. Hope you feel better soon, Scullicious.

    Seattle will be really fun to watch this year. I've always loved Katie Smith…..even during one particular game at Key Arena in 2000, when the Storm sucked. Smith, then playing for Minnesota, had, like, a million points. I was so impressed.