Florida State’s Cori Close to coach UCLA

ESPN is reporting that UCLA is set to name Cori Close as UCLA’s new coach within a half hour.

Close has been associate head coach at Florida State for the past seven years. She is characterized as “one of the best offensive minds in the country.”

Before that, she was a longtime assistant at UC Santa Barbara.

Close, who was inducted into the UCSB Hall of Fame six years ago, will return to her native California.

In a 2009 interview, Close talked about leadership.

This seems like a solid hire. Close has a tremendous wealth of experience, and she’s strongest in offense, where the Bruins have focused so much on defense under former coach Nikki Caldwell. I’m guardedly optimistic.


  1. I am going to think positive about this. I like that Cori is offensive minded. That is something they lacked under Nikki. After watching her press conference, I felt good about the hire. She has a wealth of experience (as an assistant), she is a very good receruiter, she has loyalty to UCLA. She is from California and is happy to be home. I think that if she has success, UCLA will have found someone who is going to be around for awhile.