Transfer roll call

Longtime readers know how I feel about this bullstuff:

Daisha Simmons is leaving Rutgers.

Kate Oliver is saying goodbye to Marist.

Kari Daugherty is out of Dayton.

Kellie McCann-Smith says “deuces” to Nebraska.

On the upside, Bria Smith – who de-committed from Virginia when Debbie Ryan announced her retirement – is considering Tennessee. The Vols do have an opening after the departure of Lauren Avant.

More coaching carousel: Karen Aston leaves Charlotte.

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  1. Speaking of bullshit, how about the disrepect some schools are bringing to firing and hiring coaches?

    Virginia fired Debbie Ryan. Now we get anonymous tweets and unsourced TV "news" that Joanne Boyle will … won't … will take the UVA job. Karen Aston is…isn't…is going to North Texas. Now Wendy Larry's lack of contract extension at ODU has been announced to the media.

    In *some* cases, it seems like younger male ADs are dumping older women coaches. Are others using Twitter to test market possible new coaches?

    p.s. Sue, how can you fault the student-athletes for transfering when the coaches won't stay put?

  2. I agree that getting rid of some coaches is a disturbing new trend.

    I've not faulted any athletes who have wanted to transfer when the coach they signed up with is fired or takes a new job.

    But I agree that there's a big problem now with coaches jumping ship – especially this year. I plan to write about it soon.

  3. Wow I am behind the times on this response but I was just saying the opposite about the womens coaching ranks at least at the MidMajor level.

    Look at some of the top mids….. MidTenn St, Gonzaga, Marist, Bowling Green, UWGB, JMU, ODU, and Hartford to name a few….. all these coaches have been around a while and have spurned the larger schools to stay.

    Don't see that on mens side