Joanne Boyle named Virginia coach

Cal Coach Joanne Boyle stated the other night that she “is not the Virginia coach.” But she is now, according to CBS19:

The University of Virginia has its next women’s basketball coach.

CBS19 has confirmed that Joanne Boyle, who spent the last six years as the head coach at California, will head east and take the vacant Cavalier coaching job.


  1. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. We still do not have an announcement from the school, and the same sources who got played publicizing the intial "rumor" look to have jumped the gun once again, publishing "reports" as fact. Apparently, the Cal SID has once again disputed reports that Joanne is not still the head coach at Cal.

    At this point, I don't think she would have any choice but to accept the job if it is/was offered because its been so highly publicized that she's leaving. Nobody affiliated with Cal (athletic director, players, recruits, alums or otherwise) will be able to take her seriously in terms of staying power from this point forward all because of unsubstantiated twitter rumors that swept the nation…

    Joanne has essentially been backed into an internet corner. I feel sorry for her, Cal players and recruits and her coaching staff, everyone involved. What a terrible situation. My oh my how social networking has changed the game!

  2. Ah, the above poster doesn't know what she/he is talking about. Good ridance to Boyle so we don't have to watch another season of a boring stagnant predictable offense and players that don't know how to play defense and block out. A high school coach would do a better job with that team. The only thing Boyle knows how to do is get players to come to her program.

  3. Coach Boyle has been nothing but professional throughout this process. She and her coaching staff spend hours on game films to prepare for each game. I challenge the previous posting to find 20 teams that work like that. You can't be a one-sided legitimate player. Any team would be extremely lucky to have Joanna as a coach. I guess we' ll see what happens. I will also be a fan wherever she lands and thank her for making Cal a legitimate force in the PAC.

  4. Heck, the only reason Cal accomplish anything was because she could recruit all american playes, but she couldn't coach them because they never accomplished anything. All she did was get the athletic director to schedule enough patses so she could have a winning record. They lost continually against Pac 10 teams with losing records. The facts speak for themselves. If you watch them play it was boring pathetic predictable offensive basketball to those who saw them play plus they rarely played any defense or blocked out.

  5. Anon 2 and 4. Sour grapes much? Hmmm…wonder who you have connections to. Grammar is essential!

    Best of luck to Coach Boyle, her A+ staff and most of all the Cal girls. Everyone deserves the best after how irresponsibly this was handled by the media. Anyone can start a twitter rumor, but for a journalist to print it as so-called "news!" Disappointing.

    No matter what ultimately happens (is there even an actual release from either University yet?), the "media" was more than pre-mature with its so-called "announcements," and they caused a whole lot of people unnecessary worry and stress before it was warranted.

  6. That's great poster 5 blame the media for a coach abandoning their young players she recruited promising them and their parents commitment, loyalty, dedication and all the other BS that most 99% of college coaches tell (lies) them. See ya Boyle. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.