Cain, Avant not returning to Vols

Tennessee has another opening this month, due to this announcement:

Tennessee coach Pat Summitt has announced that freshman guard Lauren Avant will not return to play for the Lady Vols next season.

The Avant announcement came a day after redshirt junior center Kelley Cain said that she would forgo her final season of eligibility because of her history of injuries. Summitt said that wasn’t expecting any more attrition. But Avant, who also dealt with a multitude of injuries, came to her on Tuesday and said that she wanted to transfer to a smaller school.

I’m not surprised at either case – but for very different reasons.


  1. i was a little surprised by Avant's departure, but after hearing her reason (medical school) I guess a tough program like UT would be very demanding. I wish her the best. But I pray that Kamiko or Brewer don't leave.