Joanne Boyle says she’s not leaving Cal

There’s a rumor going around that Joanne Boyle is taking the Virginia job. Not so, says Boyle.

Stay tuned.


  1. In order for a rumor to spread like this, there has to be at least something to it. People are likening it to the Nikki situation. However, even if Nikki didn't have the Virginia job as reported, she did interview and her people purposely leaked information about the interview so that she could use it as leverage in the LSU deal. Something (I don't know what) is up, but I'm anticipating we'll all know about it in the next 24.

    I firmly agree that nothing is set in stone (my best guess is they are still working on the deal). But, Joanne has yet to say she's not pursuing the job. She has simply said, "I am not the coach at Virginia." Perhaps not today, but her comments thus far don't foreclose the possibility that she will be tomorrow, and are far from emphatic denial…

  2. Twitter makes twits of us if we trust semi-anonymous tweeters. The old media was slow, but there were editors and facts were checked.

    p.s. I wish the coaching carousel would not start up until after the national championship game.

  3. Hopefully, Virginia or some other college will sign her on so Cal's players have a change to play real offensive basketball instead of the boring, fragmented, predictable offense they run play after play and game after game.