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Nikki Caldwell was introduced as LSU’s new coach at a press conference today. She’s feeling confident.

Caldwell is steeped in the SEC.

Just moments ago on twitter, two of Caldwell’s assistants – Tasha Butts and Tony Perotti – confirmed they’d be joining their boss in Louisiana. Third assistant Stacie Terry re-tweeted Butts’ statement, but has made none of her own.

Bonus: ESPN’s wonderful WBCA game tip sheet.

I’m taking a timeout from stories taking all the various angles on tomorrow’s championship, because they seem to be exhausted. One happy note, however: clips of last nights games and Skylar Diggins’ interview after hers were all over ESPN all day today.

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  1. A few questions about Caldwells departure from UCLA.

    1)Will UCLA still have the home and home game with Tennessee that was scheduled for next year in Knoxville and the following year in Westwood. I am sure Caldwell was abig part in the deal.

    2)Will UCLA be going to LSU next year? Was it a home and home set up too, this past year in Westwood followed by a trip to Baton Rouge next season? If so interesting scenario.

    3)A top guard from No. Cal, Hannah Huffman, verballed to Notre Dame yesterday. She seemed to be down to two schools, UCLA and ND. Although the linked article,

    indicates Caldwells departure wasnt a deciding factor, I am sure it played a big part. What about other recruits, like Jordan Adams from Mater Dei?

    IM in OC

  2. Tony tweet is "Looking forward to accompanying the Angels @NikkiCaldwell, @TashaButts, @stacieterry) to LSU. Very excited about the opportunity!"

    Looks like the whole coaching staff took flight… Damn….

    Apparently Boyle is leaving Cal for UVA job… 2 Pac 10 job open…

  3. College Coaches #1 and main goal is all about their salary. Players (pawns) and wins just help them accomplish their #1 goal. Anyone who thinks differently has been fooled.