The championship matchup no one expected: Texas A&M vs. Notre Dame

Fans were looking past tonight’s games and putting Stanford and UConn in the championship game for a rematch of last year. I was even doing it. But the “underdogs” had different ideas.

Texas A&M used some of the best defense I’ve seen in years, and a phenomenal final 30 seconds, to upend Stanford 63-62.

In the second game, Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins was a force of nature, putting up 28 points and leading the charge for the Irish to upset UConn 72-63.

Personally, I was speechless after the first game, and shocked after the second. Who knew?

But many folks tonight (including Lisa Leslie) are saying this might be a changing of the guard of sorts. Maybe they’re right.

When is the last time there have been no number one seeds in a final? Has anyone ever beaten both Tennessee and UConn in the tournament? Is that green her “Incredible Hulk” look, because Skylar Diggins has grown by leaps and bounds as a player this year. How did each underdog team have the composure to stick with it, not get rattled and finish strong?

Tuesday’s final should be intense. If both teams play with the urgency and desire to win that they did tonight, expect a very physical contest.

It’s FUN to have two fresh blood teams in the big game. It’s something new.

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The Aggies inexperience trumped the Cardinal’s weaith of experience.

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Depth made a difference in the win for the Irish.

Big ups to seniors Kayla Pedersen and Jeannette Pohlen of Stanford and Maya Moore of Connecticut for their brilliant college careers. You will be missed.