More coaching upheaval

Just a week out from Green Bay Coach Matt Bollant emphatically telling his players to show Baylor “the Green Bay way” in the Sweet Sixteen, it looks like he may be finding another way himself: he’s interviewing at other schools.

Xavier’s Kevin McGuff is also interviewing.

UCLA says they gave Nikki Caldwell “a very attractive multi-year offer,” but she turned them down anyway. Plenty of other Division I jobs are open.

One coach who is staying put is Gonzaga’s Kelly Graves, who signed a 10-year contract last week. Bless his heart.


  1. On some level money does talk. However, I think if she was confident in her coaching abilities (which I believe are top tier), she might have taken the raise they were offering (I have to believe it was in the neighborhood of what other "top" Pac-10 coaches are making ~$600,000/yr. (of course, I can't be sure) to extend, and tried to finish what she started.

    You gotta feel sorry for the Markel Walker's of the world who believed in what she was selling when it was nothing more than a dream, and made the trek out because they believed in her. Oh well, at least she put them in position to get someone good!

    Good luck to all!

  2. Anonymous.. I tend to agree that Nikki may have wanted to take the raise and continue what she started in Westwood. I do believe Nikki is on the way to being a top notch coach, but I think she made the move a a year or so too soon. But hey the job was open and it puts her back in her element.

    I am sure she will have success @ LSU and I am not going to hold a grudge. I am just hoping that the folks @ UCLA will hire someone that will continue to build on what Nikki started.

    Come on Petrina… We need another good one….