Dawn Staley won’t leave, Nikki Caldwell may not stay

Holy crap: Dawn Staley isn’t likely to leave South Carolina to coach at alma mater Virginia. But UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell interviewed there for the job yesterday.

Caldwell will chat live on ESPN at 1 p.m. PDT/4 p.m. EDT.

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  1. yeap! We sure know where Caldwell's heart and mind are at. She only loves her players until she can get the job she wants and then it's see you later, best of luck of course unless you play against my team. Most college coaches are pathetic. They lie to parents, athletes, etc. and then do whatever they think that they can get away with. Oh, how the truth is harsh when it's stated which is rarely nowadays.

  2. Caldwell's flirtation with Virginia also has to re-open the Bria Smith story. If Nikki goes to Virginia..she'd go after Smith again, one would think. Louisville has a definite interest in Smith and sources close to the UofL staff indicate that the confidence level is high that Bria is leaning toward Louisville.

  3. Personally a little disappointed in Nikki. Thought she came to Westwood to "rebuild" the program to national prominence. Does she think she's already done that? Not exactly. Yes the program is truly on the rise, but come Nikki – you are gonna just blow them off just like that.

    I was wondering if there is money issue {maybe she is trying to extend her contract and make UCLA put up more $$}. And doesn't she have 2 years left on her contract?

    Though I understand the "business" side of things, I have to say I am shocked that she is already looking elsewhere – how about establish yourself, build a program and a reputation – like your mentor…… Whatever Nikki…

  4. Maybe UCLA's AD should realize what he or she has in Nikki and her staff, and make it worth their while to stay. I'm sure she would not even consider leaving it if it weren't for other schools probably making offers that are impossible to turn down. I'm a huge Lady Bruins fan and have thoroghly enjoyed the last 3 seasons. I would hate to see her and her staff go… but in the end, everyone has to make choices that are best for themselves. Go Bruins!!