Stanford escapes into the Elite Eight

That was a close one: Stanford hung in and held off North Carolina, 72-65. With all due respect to Baylor and my beloved Tennessee, if the Cardinal had lost, you might as well hand the trophy to Connecticut. Now Stanford has the chance to beat them again this year. But first, Gonzaga on Monday.

Let’s go.

On the other side of the bracket, Tennessee rose up to beat Ohio State 85-75…..after a halftime butt-chewing by Coach Pat Summitt:

“It was about an 8½,” she said, rating her halftime speech on a scale where 10 is when the paint peels off the walls. “I wasn’t real happy. But that’s what you have to do at times. You go into the locker room and get a feel. One thing about this team, they do respond. Sometimes I think they kind of like to hear the coaches going off.”…….

(Freshman Meighan) Simmons grinned as she said, “Coach went off on us in the locker room.”

Notre Dame beat on Oklahoma, 78-53. They’ll face Tennessee Moonday.

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  1. WOW..u really think that Connecticut will beat us(lady vols) with only 7 players? IT WON'T HAPPEN. Granted it will be a physical battle, and they have Maya Moore, but fortunately for us..we have Glory Johnson who will undoubtedly be on Tip Hayes/Maya Moore, along with Kelly Cain, who will bury their freshmen under the basket, and throwing Baugh in, along with our gammet of guards..and Angie has not even had her best game yet. Simmons is steadily coming into her own…She played great and under control yesterday..getting better. Sorry..remember, we beat Stanford, who beat Connecticut..we have what it takes. BELIEVE!!!

  2. I SO hope you're right that you have no idea. I was almost in bed last night and thought about logging back on to change my post, but most people withhold what they think too much, and it creates a lot of false images and illusions in the world.

    It's not that I don't believe in the Vols. I believe that Pat Summitt is the greatest coach of all time. But the rebuilding that's had to take place since the departure of Candace Parker and company in 2008 has taken some time. Finally, I think Tennessee is getting back to where they were, but I'm not sure they're quite ready for that title yet. I hope I'm wrong. If the entire team can feed off the strong wills of Glory Johnson and Meighan Simmons alone, we should be cutting down nets.

    Next year, prepare for total Vol domination.