Day 3

So many of the early second-round games today were close.

Marquette put up a good fight before succumbing to Tennessee.

Marist had Duke on the ropes for a while before the Blue Devils pulled it out.

DePaul squeaked it out over Penn State.

Ohio State won a close, physical game against Georgia Tech.

Basketball fans are screaming “parity, parity” on twitter. Maybe they’re right.

Moments ago, North Carolina upset Kentucky 86-74 (no story as of this moment).

But right now I’m upset because Gonzaga just up-ended UCLA. Of course I congratulate Zag point guard Courtney Vandersloot for her 2000th point and 1000th assist. But that’s all I have to say besides congratulations, Bruins. You had a hell of a season, and you made me proud to be a fan.


  1. way to go, zags!!! big shout out to courtney on her accomplishment. on saturday, she only has to get something like 7 assists to make her the all-time single season assist leader. woohoo!!

    congrats to the bruins for a good year.


  2. Courney Vandersloot is simply outstanding. Best point guard in college this year and one of the all-time best. Great work ethic and a great attitude simply cannot be taught!! But what about Kayla Standish?? Wow! Bodying girls up in the paint, stepping out for a three or two. What a game. All the forwards in the country ought to take notice.

    Congrats to Nikki on a great season, but if nothing else, I think we learned that the Pac 10 is still a bit of a farse… I don't care if Gonzaga was playing at home (in perhaps the most intimidating women's college basketball arena). There was a reason they were a #11 seed, namely RPI and strength of schedule. Everyone knows that there simply is not a lot of parity (e.g. not that many upsets where there is that kind of seeding disparity) in the women's game, which dictates that beyond Stanford, the Pac-10 is largely posers. Believe me, I want nothing more for a resurgence of the Pac-10, they just aren't there there yet. Here's hoping they turn the corner next year…