California regionals tomorrow

Here’s the schedule for the Southern California regional finals, tomorrow at USC’s Galen Center:

Division III Girls: #1 Serra vs. #3 Santa Maria St. Joseph, 10 a.m.
Division II Girls: #1 Rialto vs. #2 Buena, 2 p.m.
Division I Girls: #1 Mater Dei vs. #3 Canyon Springs, 6 p.m.

The Division I game will be streamed live on

The winners of these games will play the winners of the Northern California regionals in the state championship next weekend.

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  1. The California Divisional format is based on so many different standards that it penalizes many teams, makes it so many of the best teams are left out while others are playing and actually weakens lowers and weakens field. We should follow Texas that has a private and public school championship. There should be only one. There's no reason to have five divisions. Just because a school has more or less students doesn't make it better or worse than others. I favor a tournament like many states where you play for a city, county, then regional champion before the state playoffs begin. One loss and you're out, but our CIF and state playoffs seemed gear to make CIF money, help certain teams at the expense of other teams, penalize those teams that have done well in the past.

  2. I can't disagree.

    I've always wondered why there are divisions. The population of a school makes no difference how good they are. There are several reclassifications this year of schools that have the same population as they did last year, so what's that really about?

    The CIF is all about the money, and pitting Northern Cali and Southern Cali schools against each other is stupid as hell.

  3. Too true, it shouldn't be north v south as currently the south is really strong, and the divisional rules are nuts as they have messed around with them to the point of stupidity, money is definitely the highest priority in the state tourney.