Nikki Caldwell makes Bruin history

Best season start in UCLA history with this weekend’s defeat of Oregon State:

The previous 20-2 record to start a season went back 34 years, while the previous 10-1 record to start conference play was performed in the late 90s. Granted the Pac-10 appears to be not as competitive this year as last year, but the fact that in just 3 seasons Nikki Caldwell has taken a UCLA team languishing in mediocrity to national recognition (#9 in both polls) and breaking UCLA records left and right, is nothing short of amazing.


  1. Nice cudo to Nikki and her team. They have played well. When I think about this time I say they practive patience and not panic, as KO's teams did. This weekend is big. Glad SC get Stanford first maybe they can wear them down for us…