Pac-10 play opens today

The Pac-10 is in full effect today:

USC @ Washington State
Oregon @ Arizona
UCLA @ Washington
Oregon State at Arizona State

More on Tennessee-Rutgers:

Rutgers Coach Vivian Stringer is upset that Tennessee couldn’t reschedule their game yesterday. I’m wondering why this wasn’t addressed a long time ago instead of this week.

Before the game, Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt spoke at the funeral services of Melissa McCray-Dukes, who died earlier this week from breast cancer. Vol players wore a black patch in her honor at yesterday’s game.


  1. cviv needs to step away from the game. her idea of winning relies on only one end of the floor. yes, the 55 defense can be very disruptive, but you've still got to put points on the board.

    for the life of me, i don't know why any kid wants to go there anymore. i know she has players who make it to the wnba, but that's not because they learned a well-rounded game under cviv.


  2. sass, this may be a duplicate post if so, please don't post it a second time.

    i went to the ucla vs udub game today. i gotta tell you, the bruins sure didn't look like the #8 team in the country. they were down at the half and at one point were down by 8 well into the 2nd half.

    and this against a lousy washington team, with a short bench depleted by injuries to its starters.

    no one really stood out for the bruins. more than anything, it was a case of the huskies beating themselves.

    the bruins did the thing that always works best against uw…full court press. the huskies take for ever to break a press, leaving themselves usually 15 sec. or under before they set up their offense.

    add to that the fact that only barlow seemed willing to take it inside. argens had a great first half with 14 points, but only 4 in the second.

    the one stand out for the bruins was the acosta, the big youngster n the middle. she has a nice touch around the basket.

    tia continues to confound. down by 10 with about 1 1/2 minutes to go, she didn't have her team fouling. she allowed the bruins to run time off the clock. when she did decide to have the huskies foul it was too late to make a difference.

    this has got to be the year that tia disappears from the dub.

    sunday, the trojans are in town.



  3. Hey scully, happy new year girl!!!

    Re: C Viv….it's sad because she seems to have lost her touch.

    I was hoping you'd go to the game today and give us your impressions. With all due respect to UCLA, I think their ranking ever since they made the top 10 has been off. They should be no higher than 14th, in my opinion (which is still great). Especially watching Stanford last night – who is ranked just above or below them according to what poll you believe – was an exclamation point. No way in hell could the Bruins have done what the Cardinal did.

    I hope they get rid of Tia too. She's had more than enough time to prove herself, and you guys deserve better than that.

  4. i was talking to my friend at the game. tia has one more year left on her contract; can't uw afford to buy out $180k so she doesn't come back next year?

    anyway, i was thinking on who's got some street cred, but wouldn't cost a lot of money. the name i came up with is stephanie white, who is out of a job in chicago. she was miss indiana, i think, won a ncaa championship while at purdue, and has been an assistant in the wnba for something like 4 years, as well as color commentator on the big10 network.

    evidently, she doesn't want to take another assistant's job. she's young, talented, and hungry. so i'm thinking her name could be thrown in the hat. what do you think about her?


    p.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR! and i see you posted my post twice. LOL

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