Just a smattering of news as we rev up on the runway

“Buck”ing up in the face of their loss to UConn last week, Ohio State is toughening up.

UConn’s senior point guard Lorin Dixon is learning from assistant coach and former Husky Shea Ralph. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to apply that knowledge in tonight’s game, as she’s out with a sprained foot.

Duquesne Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio has been named the “Dapper Dan Sportswoman of the Year” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


  1. OMG! pittsburgh must be hurting for fashion cuz i remember seeing suzie on tv numerous times when she was at colorado. she wears low-cut, too tight tops of dubious fashion value. kim mulkey is a fashion plate compared to her. 😉


  2. haha! i just realized i was thinking of suzie's sister kathy mcconnell-miller who was the buffalo's coach and no where near a 'dapper dan' status.

    damned those hyphenated names. LOL