More signings, tip sheets

The Oregon Ducks are cleaning up on recruits right now.

Chris Hansen assesses the talent in the Midwest.

Lisa Bodine sums up the West Coast talent.

By the way, thank you all for your patience, as the first six weeks of school have been kicking my ass. I’m going to hit some live games today, though, and will hopefully have pictures and game reports later. I need to watch some live hoops or I’ll go nuts.

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  1. the trend continues: washington state talent going elsewhere. who really wants to cross the eastern side of the mountains to go to wsu? not exactly a powerhouse. and they've had defections already.

    otoh, nobody appears to want to commit to uw. i think tia has something like 4 scholarships available and no takers. sad. really, really sad.

    wth is wrong with these two programs that they can't attract local talent? that was one of the tags that june daugherty had to wear when she was at uw; now that she's over a wazzu, it appears to be much the same.

    uw is just sinking lower and lower. the school needs to wake up, bite the bullet and pay off tia's contract. which, btw, amounts to a mere $180k for this year; i believe next year is an option year and they wouldn't have to pay her for that. at the dub its all about the needs of the football team, understandable since they bring in the $$$$. but at some point you've got to have some respect for the women, don't you?

    although right now, its a bit late for the start of the season, but if tia doesn't bring it by mid-year, pay her to go away and get real about finding a quality coach, one who can revive this program.

    you know, sass, i had high hopes for tia, but she hasn't proven herself to be a good judge of talent, nor the ability to recruit, and hold on to kids. if local kids are continuing to leave the state, there's a whole lot wrong.

    the uw ad has got to get his act together and stop sacrificing these young women athletes for the sack of a few dollars. wake up!!


  2. I can see where your patience with Jackson is wearing thin. She's had enough time to prove herself and nothing's changed.

    It's ironic that in Seattle, where the Storm are the queens, that the UW has such an issue with its college basketball program. They do indeed need to wake up and smell the coffee – of which there is plenty in Seatown.

    It's not like a university has to choose one or the other. The University of Oregon has both a good football team and a good women's basketball team.