ESPN’s “body” issue features Taurasi

Diana Taurasi will go nekkid for the issue, which hits newstands Friday. Holy crizzap.

San Antonio resident Marie Ferdinand-Harris, who plays for the LA Sparks in the summertime, now has a “Marie Ferdinand Basketball School of Excellence.”

Basketball celebrities past and present will converge on Kansas in a few weeks to play for breast cancer research.

There were numerous national fall basketball tournaments this past weekend. ESPN was at the Philly Fall Frenzy.


  1. Someone on the UConn Forum said they didnt recognize DT without her knee socks. So I guess someone photo shopped her with knee socks on. Very Funny

    Also, schedules for those teams that submit them to Max Prep are now on the Max Prep site.
    I see Mater Dei plays in a tournament in Washington DC area right after Xmas. They then go back east to play a game in Springfield, Mass two weeks later.
    Thats alot of traveling for a HS team.

    IM in OC