Rosalind Ross funeral and UNCW

Funeral services for slain Oklahoma star Rosalind Ross are set for Saturday in Milwaukee.

A University of North Carolina-Wilmington assistant coach has been disciplined after a Monday incident in which a player was forced to endure punishment that made her become ill. Head Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke issued a formal apology yesterday.


  1. I hope Rosalind Ross was truly welcome in the church that's holding her funeral.

    I read the Star-News story (headlined "UNC women's basketball coach apologizes …" and nowhere did I see an actual apology from Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke to her player and her team. Disgraceful.

  2. It looks like Cooper apologized to the player and her parents. Hopefully she'll address the rest of the team too, or there'll be a big elephant in the locker room.

    I appreciate the link.