News from all corners

Rosalind Ross update:

Her hometown staged a benefit game yesterday to help the family with funeral costs. Ross was about to begin work in a basketball job at the end of the month. She was killed by her former partner. Just tragic.

USA Basketball:

Now that the WNBA season is over, all players will be heading overseas to start their quest for the FIBA world championship. Here’s the schedule.

Finalists for the USA squad have been announced.


The Big East schedule is out.


New LA Sparks president Mike Levy will strive to keep the team in the black (by yours truly!).

The Seattle Storm’s championship win has brought WNBA mania to Ohio, the home state of Coach Brian Agler.

The Storm will try to keep this year’s team together.

Players have had their exit interviews and are leaving the building.

The new Sky coach had better win fast, and often.

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  1. Hey Sue,

    Your blog link says he "will strive to KEEP the team in the black." The article says he aims to "MAKE the team financially viable for years to come." So am I interpreting you right that the team is not losing money now? Knowing how close to the vest the WNBA owners play it, it's hard to find confirmation about any team's financial status. Oh yeah, loved the part about what a difference it is to work with athletes that are college graduates. Great job in looking behind the scenes.

  2. You're right and that was probably a misappropriated analogy given my state of fatigue at the time. I didn't ask but I'm guessing the Sparks haven't been in the black recently.

    Thanks for the kind words. I thought Levy was very interesting, and he seems like a great choice for the job.