In the quiet of a holiday morning, two items

Terrific video of the fan frenzy that awaited the Seattle Storm at SeaTac Airport last night.

Mechelle Voepel wonders why some college fans don’t make the connection and like the WNBA, too. I’ve wondered how “fans” could only like one segment of the game for the longest time, too; it’s one of my pet peeves.


  1. if you look fast, i can be seen with lj and sue, as well as in the panning picture at the beginning. don't worry, i missed me too the first couple times. LOL

    what *really* floored me were swin's comments that she had never experienced anything like 'this', meaning the large turnout of fans.

    in her 4 years at uconn, her 6 years at detroit, and how many championships, and she's never experienced anything like last night??? that is truly amazing.

    i can't tell you have special last night was for everyone, fans, players, coaches, staff, and just regular passengers who were very surprised/confused/befuddled when we started yelling when they appeared. LOL


  2. That does seem a little weird for Cash to say that…….

    I was remembering last night that in the winter before the 2002 draft, there was some debate about whether the Storm should take Bird or Cash with their pick. Obviously Lin Dunn picked Bird, but I don't think anyone expected to have them both someday.

    I'll go peep the video again and try to pick you out 🙂