Huge day for the Storm

It couldn’t get any better for the Seattle Storm today.

Lauren Jackson won MVP.

Brian Agler is Coach of the Year.

Then tonight, the Storm took game one in the Western Conference Finals. Behind the MVP’s record-setting double-double, the Storm beat the Mercury 82-74.

Jackson said her third MVP award is the most special because of the Storm’s season this year, in which they went 28-6. Interview.

On the “what the hell?” tip: can anyone explain what the first two paragraphs of this piece mean? It sounds like an undergraduate position paper intro.


  1. Positionality isn't a word. Try looking it up in a dictionary, or on It's one of those terms that people make up, like "conversate" and "to dialogue" to try and make themselves sound intellectual. But when I hear a made-up word like that it has the opposite effect on me: it makes me wonder if the term user is dumb.