Back to school week

It’s back to school week for pretty much every high school and college kid I know. With all that chaos comes a bunch of interesting yet completely unrelated items…..

Chamique Holdsclaw is one of seven being inducted into the Lady Volunteer Hall of Fame this week.

Fifty four players showed up yesterday to try out for the Oregon State team. Will any of them make the cut?

The Oregon Ducks have released their 2010-2011 schedule. Not too tough of a pre-season, but here’s a team preview. The U of O is in the midst of constructing its new basketball court, and the new scoreboard was installed today.

And Cal State Northridge Coach Jason Flowers says older folks need to stop the constant derision of the younger generation, because they’re only as good as we teach them to be:

It’s not them, it’s us.

I tend to agree with him. I’ve seen much behavior from kids over my years of teaching that my parents would have disciplined the heck out of me for if I’d ever tried it. Obviously the kids that act that way and talk to adults in that manner were never told.

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  1. Young people are unruly because there's no true consequence to make them act differently. When I went to school, you were quiet, did what you were told or got beat by the teacher, then the Principal, then your parents. It sure didn't cause us major damage. In fact in taught us discipline and do what your told or else. Today most young adults don't care especially if your warning them about future consequences. The best course of action is immediate consequences, but those are seldom the case because most young adults have no respect for their parents let alone another adult.